Amino Acid Surfactants – Nature’s Pure Cleansing Ingredients

Amino acids were formed more than four billion years ago when Earth was still young and temperatures much higher than today.

With the continual evolution through time, amino acids transformed into more complex substances, leading ultimately to the beginning of life. Thus, it is by no coincidence then that amino acids are extremely ‘earth-friendly’ and ‘life-supporting’. After all, amino acids are natural materials provided by Mother Nature to form the very essence of life!

In fact, amino acids are called ‘the building blocks of life’. Our muscles, hair, skin and organs are made up of proteins, which are in turn made up of different combinations of amino acids. Being the building blocks of life, amino aids are essential for the maintenance of health, beauty and well-being.

The Skin and Amino Acids

Natural moisturizing factor (NMF) is a moisturizing substance that occurs naturally in the skin’s stratum corneum or horny layer. NMF plays a crucial role in maintaining and regulating the skin’s healthy moisture levels. The components of NMF include:

Amino Acids             42%

PCA                            12%

Lactic Acid                 11%

Urea                             7%

Others                        28%

As illustrated above, amino acids are the most abundant component of NMF and thus, are the most natural moisturizers.

Amino Acids Surfactants

Ultra gentle and tender with even the most sensitive, delicate skin, amino acid cleansing ingredients are scientifically proven to be highly compatible with the human skin composition.

Unlike commonly used surfactants like Sodium Laureth Sulfate and other petroleum-derived ingredients, amino acid cleansing ingredients, being weakly acidic, have naturally skin friendly pH.

Besides being superb skin cleansers, they are highly nourishing and moisturizing to the skin.

You Can Also Count on Amino Acid Surfactants To Be…

  • Highly biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Hypoallergenic

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