Are All Plant Extracts Created Equal?

How Does Biodynamic Extraction Method Work?

Traditionally, herbs are extracted with solvent, heat and water, and the entire process may take hours. In the biodynamic extraction method, herbs are extracted using electromagnetic energy which targets and penetrates the plant tissues.

This causes a spontaneous opening of the cell membranes to release the active herbal constituents into an inert and mild medium. Compared with traditional extraction method, the process of biodynamic extraction takes only seconds.

This eliminates the risk of oxidation and degradation of herbal actives as they are not exposed for hours. In addition, biodynamically extracted herbal actives are more stable and purer than conventional extracts.

The Benefits of Biodynamic Herbal Extracts

  • Mostly derived from organically cultivated plants free from harmful pesticides, insecticides and artificial fertilizers.
  • Unique biodynamic extraction technology results in extracts of optimal active constituents and purity which are validated, quantified and certified by using precise HPTLC.
  • Free of preservatives and other organic solvent residues.
  • Eliminates the risk of thermal degradation or oxidation of herbal biochemical actives usually encountered in traditional solvent extraction method.

What All These Mean In Skin Care?

By now, you would see why biodynamic herbal extracts are markedly superior to traditional extracts in terms of quality, concentration and purity.

As such, skin care products that use only biodynamic herbal extracts will achieve better results for your skin.

They are also safer and less likely to cause allergic reactions because the plant materials used for biodynamic extraction do not contain pesticides, insecticides and artificial fertilizers.

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