2020 has been quite a ride! It has been undeniably rocky and challenging for many of us, whether in our work or our personal lives. Nevertheless, as the old saying goes, there’s always a silver lining in every dark cloud.

So as 2020 draws to a close, let us take a moment to reflect and think of the stuff we are thankful for.

For us at Recherché, we are thankful that 2020 has been a fruitful year for us. We are grateful for all your support and feedback and being a part of this journey. Below are a few of the highlights of this journey:

  1. Support Our Healthcare Heroes in Collaboration with LiHO Tea (17 April 2020)
    We are honored to team up with LiHO Tea to express our appreciation and support to our healthcare heroes with Recherché Whitening Beauty Tea!
  2. Launch of World’s 1st Sanitizing Hand Cream (28 May 2020)
    In response to pandemic hands (dry, itchy, damaged skin on hand due to constant washing and use of chemical sanitizers), we developed an alcohol-free, proven anti-viral hand cream that is so gentle that even babies can use it.
  3. Collaboration with Thomson Medical Centre (August 2020)
    Within a few short weeks of its launch, Recherché Protective Recovery Hand Cream became our #1 bestseller. We received tremendous response from many of you about how it had worked so well for eczema, skin irritations and dryness, and even on diaper rashes.In August 2020, this hand cream was officially made available at Thomson Medical Centre and ThomsonBaby.com. And from January 2021 onwards, a 20ml travel-size Recherché Protective Recovery Hand Cream would be included in the gift bag to be given to every mother who delivers her baby at Thomson Medical Centre.
  4. Collaboration with Singapore Airlines Kris Shop (November 2020)
    We are super excited about this collaboration with our National Airline. As a Singapore-brand, we hope that together with Krisshop, we could reach out to more people all over the world.
  5. Launch of Edible Skincare (17 December 2020)
    Responding to our customers’ demand, we have launched our Edible Skincare range, with 2 products: one for skin brightening and protection, the other for anti-aging.

A brand new year will begin soon. Whatever that has taken place in 2020, be it good or bad, let us cherish the lessons learnt and the experiences gained and take them with us into 2021 to bring us a step closer to all our hopes and dreams. Wishing you and your family a Happy, Healthy and Safe 2021 ahead!

Team Recherché


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