Recherché Announces Retail Partnership with Thomson Medical Group

Providing safe lasting protection for delicate skin

Recherché skincare has announced today that it has established retail partnership with Thomson Medical Group for its World’s 1st Sanitizing Hand Cream, the Recherché Protective Recovery Hand Cream, to be available at both the ParentCraft Centre at Thomson Medical Centre, as well as from September 2020 onwards.

Babies and pregnant mothers with gentle and sensitive needs can now be well protected against viruses without the typical negative impact of regular sanitizers.

Alcohol Sanitizers: High Alcohol Content
Regular hand sanitizers usually contain high alcohol content between 60 to 95%. To put things in perspective, most beer contain only 5%, and even whiskies have only 40% alcohol content.

Alcohol in the sanitizer may also lower a child’s blood sugar, not to mention that alcohol is highly toxic to the liver. Therefore, while generally safe for adults, it is not safe for children, especially babies. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) typically recommends not using them on infants.

Recherché Announces Retail Partnership with Thomson Medical Group 1

Non-alcohol Sanitizers: Harsh Chemicals
One common alternative ingredient used for non-alcohol hand sanitizer is benzalkonium chloride, a harsh chemical which at high concentration levels are toxic to humans. Even at lower levels of concentration when used in hand sanitizers, it may cause allergic reactions such as rashes, itching and peeling skin.

Naturally, this will not be ideal for pregnant mothers or babies and young children with such tender skin.

Recherché Protective Recovery Hand Cream: Gentle and Safe for your Baby
The Recherché Protective Recovery Hand Cream utilises only ingredients that are ECOCERT and COSMOS certified to meet international organic and natural skincare standards, so that you and your family can have peace of mind. It is so gentle that it is pregnancy-safe and suitable for babies.

Continual Gentle Long-Lasting Protection
Unlike regular sanitizers that are only effective at the point of application, the Recherché activated silver particulate is designed to remain on the surface of your skin to provide you with continual protection against viruses, microbial and germs.

“We believe with this partnership, we could reach out to more babies and mummies to provide them with safe, lasting protection while taking care of their extra sensitive skincare needs.” said Coreenna Ong, Head of R&D, Recherché Skincare. “We are excited to also share that from January 2021 onwards, Thomson Medical Centre shall also be giving to all babies born in Thomson Medical Centre one of our Recherché Protective Recovery Hand Cream for extra protection after discharge.”

About Thomson Medical Group
Established in 1979, Thomson Medical is Singapore’s largest private provider of healthcare services for women and children. It owns and operates the iconic Thomson Medical Centre and a network of specialist medical clinics and facilities in Singapore. Listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange, Thomson Medical Group Limited (SGX: A50) is one of Asia’s largest healthcare players.


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