How to Improve Your Skin Radiance?

Ask anyone to describe skin conditions they wish to have and chances are, radiant skin will be among those listed along with clear and unblemished skin. Bright and radiant skin is always a plus for everyone, male or female. In fact, radiant skin is always seen in a positive light as it equals healthy skin. 

So what can you do to improve skin radiance? There are certain products and natural ways for you to get that natural glowing skin. In this article, we will be talking all about skin radiance and how you can achieve that! 

What is radiant skin?

There are many factors that play a role in affecting skin radiance such as smoothness, blood circulation and sun damage, to name a few. We will talk about that later. 

To put it simply, skin radiance is the glowy, bright look that is commonly associated with healthy and well-rested skin. 

We all need help to enhance this look, which has gained a lot of popularity lately as it is a more natural look

skin radiance is the glowy, bright look that is commonly associated with healthy and well-rested skin. 
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Fortunately, there are ways to achieve it. Although everyone’s skin is different, educating yourself on what may or may not help you to get that glowy look can make all the difference.  

How does Asian skin differ in terms of skin radiance?

One of the main factors that people do not like to talk about is genetics. There is no one-stop fits all solution. Although there are many articles and posts concerning skincare, most of it are catered towards the Western market and skincare. 

It is a given that Asians have darker skin tones due to melanin. This does not, in any way, mean that Asians cannot achieve radiant skin. It just shines in a different way. 

Asian skin
Photo by Tuấn Kiệt Jr. from Pexels

The uniqueness of asian skin requires different care. Factors such as slower aging due to skin thickness packed with collagen and hyperpigmentation from a high amount of melanin all play a role in skin radiance. Asian skin is also more prone to dehydration which means that it may result in dry and dehydrated, scal, itchy skin that looks ugly. 

Other unique characteristics of Asian skin include it being more prone to scarring, produces a lot of oil and is highly sensitive all play an effect on achieving glowing skin. 

Factors that play a role in skin radiance

There are several factors that play a role in getting that ever elusive skin radiance. Take into consideration these factors before settling on a skin care routine to help enhance or improve skin conditions and you just might get radiant skin.

1. Reflectivity of the skin cells

Some skins may seem dull because there are dead skin cells that pile up which diffuses light. When cell renewal is optimized, skin will glow when it is smooth. 

As we grow older, the process of cell renewal slows down. It will then result in more and more dull skin as it loses its reflective qualities. If you observe carefully, children and teenagers generally have more radiant skin and glow easily as their cell renewal is quicker than adults. 

2. Blood circulation

Have you ever noticed that your skin is flushed or glowing after a hard workout? Even after you have showered, there are times when your skin just glows. 

This glow is caused by increased blood circulation which makes your skin appear rosy. The blood circulated to your skin flushes blood to the surface of your cheeks or skin. 

Through this increased blood circulation, toxins are carried to the sweat glands so that you can excrete it as well. Therefore you get healthier skin. 

If you also noticed that pregnant women seem so radiant, this is because their blood circulation is increased naturally! 

3. Smoothness and evenness of skin texture

The smoother your skin, the greater its reflectivity. If your skin is uneven, light can be trapped instead of reflected. Therefore, skin will look dull and tired. 

4. Clean skin

Removing all the dirt, oil and particles that clog your pores can do wonders for your skin. Imagine all the icky stuff on your skin. It causes dullness and makes radiant skin even more elusive if your skin is unclean.

Make sure your day and night skin care routine includes cleansers or face wash.

5. Sun damage

If you have not heard it by now, the sun is your skin’s worst enemy! Exposure to the UV rays will increase melanin production. This leads to dull clouds of pigmentation under your skin and therefore you will have an uneven complexion. 

the sun is your skin’s worst enemy
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

UV radiation also generates free radicals in your skin. These unstable molecules can cause oxidative stress, thus degrading collagen and aging your skin prematurely. 

How to improve skin radiance?

There are, of course, simple things you can do to improve your skin’s radiance. Below is a pretty comprehensive list…

1. Nutrient rich diet 

Your diet is extremely important when it comes to improving your skin’s radiance. Ensuring you get the proper and right amount of nutrients in your diet is essential! We cannot stress this enough. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and it needs the proper nutrients and care!

Did you know that Vitamin C is the all-star ingredient that is essential for that glow. Vitamin C encourages collagen production and brightens skin! It can also improve pigmentation caused by sun exposure or damage. 

Other vitamins such as Vitamin B (slows down aging) and Vitamin D (prevents breakouts) can be added to your diet. 

Another nutrient you can increase intake on is omega-3. These fatty acids are responsible for maintaining the healthy membranes around your skin cells. You can get a healthy dose of omega-3 by visiting your local pharmacy and getting the supplements or eating a lot of fish!

But first, it is probably wise to do a detox! Cut out alcohol and sugar for at least five days, drink lots of water, limit salty snacks and increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

You will likely see an improvement in your skin after that. Then you can increase your intake of all the vitamins and minerals necessary. 

But above all – stay hydrated!!! Drink that bottle of water! No matter what you do, if you are not hydrated, your skin will show it! 

2. Skin care routine

It is a given that your skin care routine plays an important role in achieving that glowy look. Honestly, anyone with a proper and suitable skincare routine can achieve it. All you need is to find your perfect combination of products to enhance the skin! 

The most important step to great skin that people always overlook is sunscreen. Always apply it to protect your skin and achieve a glowing look! Even if it is not sunny, you have to wear sunscreen every day because UV rays can be found anywhere, especially now in this age of technology. Did you know that your screens reflect UV rays? 

You should wash your face at least twice a day. Remember that skin cleanliness plays a role in causing dull skin if there is dirt or oil on it. 

Apply a toner. This will allow all other products you put on your face to penetrate deeper into your skin.

In the morning, massage a serum or oil onto your face to get your blood moving (remember blood circulation helps). At night, and sometimes in the morning, you must apply moisturizer. The mantra “dry skin makes your face look dull” should be embedded into your minds by now. 

Once or twice a week, exfoliate! It gets rids of dead skin cells so that the skin underneath it can shine. 

Do all of the above and see your skin radiance improve daily. 

3. Careful selection of skin radiance products 

Of course, you have to be careful to use the right products! Even if you have all the right routines in place but do not have the right products, it is of no use. 

Look out for products with vitamin C in it. As we talked about above, Vitamin C brightens skin!

Some dermatologists also recommend retinoids so you can watch out for that ingredient in your skin care products. 

Choose a suitable exfoliator like a face scrub that has a brightening effect. 

You can also try brightening skincare ingredients. Topical treatments like serums and moisturizers work great. Just look for those with terms such as “brightening” or “skin tone-evening” on it. 

If all else fails and on the days that your skin is just not cooperating with you, you can just hack your glow by using a highlighter. Get a colour that is more natural to your skin tone and use away. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us! 

What products make your skin glow?

We would recommend using the DNA ReCode Serum for all the best benefits and getting the glowing skin we all covet. 

How to Improve Your Skin Radiance? 1

It is a serum that repairs your skin from damage due to UV exposure. It also reprograms your skin cells to slow down the aging process. 

Because of the availability of Acetyl Hexapeptide-51 in it, applying it to your face helps the cells regenerate faster and restores the skin cells to its youthful appearance, giving you the look of youth – radiant skin! 

Final words

Radiant skin is not out of your reach. By carefully considering the products you use and your food intake, you may be able to achieve the look of youthfulness easily. If not, a proper skincare routine will help. We look forward to seeing your beautiful, healthy and radiant skin! 


Coreenna Ong

Head of Research

Coreenna Ong has more than 20 years of extensive experiences in research and development, conceptualization, formulation, production process development and bring to market skincare products in the beauty industry. Ms Ong is currently the Director, Research and Development at Recherché skincare.

Recherché is a Singapore cosmeceutical skincare brand, with its products clean, green, plant-based and specially catered for Asian skin. It is also the pioneer in developing edible skincare actives to specifically address skin concerns.

Within just 2 years, Ms Ong’s research has led Recherché to win several awards and accolades for its products.

Ms Ong’s research focuses on harnessing the latest formulation technologies, knowledge and techniques to distil and extract nature's essence, and then apply them synergistically for maximum results.

She has authored 2 best-selling Beauty and Wellness books with Marshall Cavendish. The books had multiple runs and remained popular and in print circulation for several years. They are currently available in the Singapore National Library collection.

Ms Ong was also a Beauty columnist for Lianhe Zaobao, Singapore's largest Chinese-language newspaper publication, with huge regional presence. As its weekly expert contributor, she shared the latest research and technologies from the Beauty industry, and addressed the many skincare issues and concerns of the newspaper's readers regionally, including offering beauty tips, quick fixes and insider knowledge.

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