World’s 1st Anti-Viral Sanitising Hand Cream

Recherché is launching a Revolutionary 2-in-1 Sanitizer plus Hand Cream on 28th May 2020. The Recherché Protective Recovery Hand Cream is the World’s 1st Sanitizing Hand Cream:

  1. Clinically proven to be anti-viral and anti-bacterial
  2. Restores and repairs dry, damaged, ageing hands
  3. Alcohol free, with only ECOCERT and COSMOC certified ingredients that are safe and gentle even for babies and pregnant mothers

About Recherché

Recherché is a Singapore cosmeceutical skincare brand. Its products are clean, green, plant-based and specially catered for Asian skin. Besides topical skincare, it is the pioneer in developing edible skincare actives to specifically address skin concerns. Recherché products are made in Singapore to achieve optimal product safety and quality, and to ensure that they are pregnancy safe and suitable for sensitive skin.

Recherché Protective Recovery Hand Cream

Hand washing and usage of hand sanitizers is effective to prevent infectious outbreaks. However, frequent and prolonged sanitizing and hand washing may result in:

  1. Aging and wrinkly hands
  2. Dry and flaky skin
  3. Irritated, red and inflamed skin
  4. Contact dermatitis

World’s 1st Anti-Viral Sanitising Hand Cream 1

The good news is, protecting yourself does not mean you have to accept having dry, old, aging hands any more.

This ground-breaking 2-in-1 high performance, anti-viral therapeutic treatment hand cream Protects, Repairs and Restores your hands, beyond any other conventional hand sanitizers or hand creams.

Besides being superbly nourishing and hydrating to eliminate skin dryness, redness and irritation, the Recherché Protective Recovery Hand Cream is clinically proven to be anti-viral and anti-bacterial to inhibit and neutralize harmful pathogens that come into contact with your hands.

It has been independently tested and proven in screening tests to be anti-virally effective against enveloped viruses. The family of enveloped viruses includes the corona virus (SARS-Cov2 causing COVID-19), SARS (SARS-Cov), MERS (MERS-CoV) and Influenza A.

Instead of using alcohol and other harmful chemicals, Recherché has achieved this breakthrough using our unique active ingredient, the Activated Silver Particulate. Silver has been used since ancient days for its health and beauty benefits on the skin. Today, using advanced technology, we have rendered silver into active porous micro particulates which have been clinically proven to inactivate viruses, bacteria and germs.

World’s 1st Anti-Viral Sanitising Hand Cream 2

Our activated silver particulate is designed to remain on the surface of your skin to provide you with first line defense against viruses, microbial and germs.  It is ECOCERT and COSMOS certified and has excellent compatibility with the human skin. It is also clinically proven to be safe and gentle even on the most delicate or wounded skin.

Cognisant of the need for daily usage of mobile phones and computers, the Protective Recovery Hand Cream has been formulated to be non-greasy and non-sticky. Compounded in a synergistic liquid crystal emulsion base of plant lipids and sterols that are biomimetic of healthy young skin, it forms a water-resistant shield on skin for long lasting protection and ultimate skin comfort.

The Recherché Protective Recovery Hand Cream comprises exclusively of actives and ingredients that are ECOCERT and COSMOS certified, and formulated to be soothing and restorative to meet even the special sensitive needs of people with atopic eczema, contact dermatitis, skin inflammation and wounds. It is very gentle, suitable for even babies’ skin and is pregnancy-safe.


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