Recherché Edible Skincare

Recherché Edible Skincare

Being a forerunner in utilising only the purest and most natural ingredients in all of our skincare products, Recherché has developed special capabilities to extract and harness nature in its quintessence.

We have pushed the boundaries even further and make skincare edible.

By distilling the core essence, sometimes up to the molecular level, skincare made edible can be absorbed from the inside, and provides nourishment to the skin that skincare applied on the skin alone is unable to achieve.

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Recherché Collagen Amino Acids

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Recherché Skin Brightening Plus


Beauty from within

As the saying goes, ‘we are what we eat’. Daily intake of high quality nutrients have been proven to add beauty and vitality to our appearance. Recherché Edible Skincare are ingestible beauty actives, targeted to provide optimal skin and body beautifying nutrients so that you receive the ‘raw materials’ needed to enhance overall beauty, well-being and youthfulness.

What Makes Recherché Edible Skincare Unique?

Recherché Edible Skincare beauty actives are developed to specifically address skin concerns. Unlike supplements, our beauty actives are of higher concentration and much more targeted. They are specially formulated to work synergistically with our topical skincare applied on the skin to achieve best results.

As with all Recherché products, our edible skincare range remains 100% pure and natural, with no fillers, preservatives, chemicals or synthetic colours.

Because of our relentless pursue for the smallest sized molecules in all our products, even though our beauty actives have very dense nutritional profile and are highly concentrated, it remains very easily digestible with superior absorption and bioavailability.

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Beauty Fix on-the-go

Recherché Edible Skincare are designed to mix easily and quickly into food and drinks. Great for busy individuals who find it a hassle to take supplements separately.

Every scoop of Recherché Edible Skincare is 100% pure, concentrated edible skincare actives. Unlike most beauty and health supplements, Recherché Edible Skincare powders have not been mixed with any other ingredients including fillers, excipients, artificial flavours and colours.

Therefore, besides being highly bioavailable and potent, Recherché Edible Skincare offers you much more value for your money!

Unique Features of Recherché Edible Skincare

  • 100% pure, wholesome and natural
  • No added fillers, excipients, preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavours or colours
  • Dense nutritional profile, highly concentrated actives
  • Easily digestible with superior absorption and bioavailability
  • Comes in concentrated, water-soluble powders for easy mixing with liquids.
  • Halal-approved
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