Recherché Philosophy

All About Harmony – Within And With Each Formula

While we have key ingredients and actives in each formula, unlike most other brands, we do not just emphasize on any one ingredient. If all it takes is for only one star ingredient for the product to be effective, would it not make sense for the entire product to comprise only of that one ingredient for maximum efficacy?

However, that is never the case for any product, which speaks volume in itself.

To us, each ingredient we have carefully selected to be part of a formula is a star in its own right. Each ingredient has an important reason to be there, to work together with the other ingredients to ensure the final formula delivers the best results for you.

What’s more, we go to great lengths to make sure that every single one of our product works well with one another, and there is synergistic interplay of ingredients between different Recherché products.

Why? Because this will make a world of difference for your skin.

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Beauty Inside Out

To us, beauty is more than skin deep. That’s why besides topical skincare, we embrace a holistic approach with Recherché Edible Skincare. We believe true beauty starts from within. And what we feed into our bodies ultimately shows up on the outside.

Also, what we consume directly affects the intricate biochemical reactions in our body and mind. This means our food (and drinks) actually plays a big part in determining our moods, emotions and energy levels!

When there is synergy between our inner care (edible skincare) and outer care (topical skincare), we will look and feel our best!

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Product Efficacy and Quality Over Form

At Recherché, we value product efficacy and quality over form. We do not compromise quality to achieve a certain texture, fragrance, or viscosity.

Unknown to many casual consumers, the only way to achieve seamless smooth consistency in creams and serums is to add significant concentration of silicones that will clog your pores. Likewise, the only way to achieve light viscosity in facial and cleansing oil, or serum is to use synthetic oils, alcohol, harmful preservatives and / or chemicals that may degrade your skin gradually.

Similarly, synthetic fragrances and artificial colorants may be appealing to your senses, but increase your risk of sensitivity and irritation, and block your pores, which leads to a greater risk of acne. Importantly, phthalates found in synthetic fragrances are also not pregnancy-safe.

This is why we do not have any of the above harmful chemicals in all our products.

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Packaging not only for Design, but Protection and Safety

All our packaging are specifically designed to minimize oxidation of the active ingredients. Bottles are also intentionally opaque to minimize degradation from exposure to light, and glass material is chosen for its inert qualities to prevent reaction with active ingredients.

Special biophotonic violet glass bottles are even used to ensure the maintenance of potency, integrity and bio-energy of the living actives and extracts over a long period of time.

Care has been also made to avoid phthalates in all packaging, so that our products can be pregnancy-safe.

While all these limit our packaging design options, we are making a conscious decision to prioritise protection and safety, so that your skin enjoys their fullest beauty benefits.