Recherché Collagen Amino Acid Plus Drink


Collagen Drink from Singapore

The Recherché Collagen Amino Acid Plus Drink is the edible skincare actives added to the Recherché-LiHo Collagen Beauty Tea. It may also be added to curated LiHO Tea selections as a beauty booster.

These beauty actives are very short chain protein building blocks derived from enzymatic hydrolysis of pure fish-sourced collagen. The Recherché Collagen Amino Acid Plus has a unique amino acids profile with excellent beauty and health benefits because of their nutritional values and the influence on the biosynthesis of functional collagen in the body.

With a special blend of tri-peptides Gly-Pro-Hyp (GPH), the Recherché Collagen Amino Acid Plus has been clinically shown to increase absorption of collagen, as well as help reduce wrinkles, retain moisture and enhances restfulness.

It is the ideal evening beauty booster you need to help repair and rejuvenate after an entire day’s work.

Beauty Benefits

  • Reverses skin aging by building and restoring collagen structure from within
  • Firms, tightens and strengthens skin
  • Maintains youthful appearance of the skin
  • Helps build muscles which are necessary for holding up your skin
  • Keeps connective tissues healthy which is the key to mobility
  • Ensures optimal joint and bone health
  • Improves digestive/gut health (a healthy digestive system is essential to healthy, beautiful skin)
  • Strengthens hair and nails so they are less prone to breakage and damage

Health Benefits

  • Special amino acid molecules boost immunity by strengthening gut health and digestive system
  • Collagen amino acid boosts the natural immune and barrier function of the skin, which is our first line of defense
  • Pro-biotics keeps flora of the gut system healthy and synergistically boost the immune system

Skin tautness: 96%
Skin firmness: 92%
Nail strength and appearance: 90%
Hair strength: 89%

*Proportion of users who reported visible and significant improvements. Based on self-assessment of 112 users over 6 weeks

Product Description

Collagen is essential to the health and integrity of nearly every part of our body, including our skin, joints, muscles, bone, hair, nails and digestive tract. After the age of 30, the collagen level in our body starts to drop, resulting in signs of aging which include appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, joint and bone problems.

Recherché Collagen Amino Acid Plus Drink 2

Therefore, it is important to make sure our diet is supplemented with adequate collagen.

Why is Recherché Collagen Amino Acid Better Than Standard Collagen? 

  • Collagen amino acid have much lighter and smaller molecules (Less than 400 Da compared to 300,000 Da for regular collagen molecules)
  • Infused with tri-peptides, it further enhances body’s ability for absorption
  • Increased moisture retention and wrinkle reduction