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Our Microbiome Restoration Masks Series is specially formulated with a blend of actives to replenish and support your skin’s microbiome which plays a major role in impacting the skin’s well-being, appearance and feel.

Our microbiome formulation protects the skin’s microflora, keeps the good bacteria in and the bad bacteria away from your skin.

Deeply and rapidly hydrating, while it enlivens dry, parched skin rapidly and strengthens the skin barrier function, it also calms, soothes and relaxes the skin.

100% fragrance- and alcohol-free for all skin types, it is suitable for sensitive skin

Product Description

  • Restores and supports your skin’s microbiome
  • Deeply and rapidly hydrates your skin
  • Enlivens dry, parched skin rapidly
  • Strengthens the skin barrier function
  • Soothes, calms and relaxes your skin
  • 100% alcohol and fragrance-free
  • Ideal for sensitive skin

3 reviews for Soothing and Hydrating Mask

  1. Vicky

    Very soothing to the skin!
    I like the soothing feeling even after I remove the mask. My face remains very smooth and soft after removal of mask.

  2. Mrs_Putri

    Hydrating and soothing
    Feels soothing and hydrating. But serum viscosity too low, flows down neck

  3. Skylark22

    Quench my dry skin
    Very hydrating and soothing! Feels much moisturised

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