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Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse (150 ml)
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Protective Hydrator (30 ml)
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DNA ReCode Serum (50ml)
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Rejuvenating Facial Treatment Oil (30ml)

What Makes Recherché Unique?

Synergy … our root at Recherché

That is why our approach to beauty has always been holistic. We believe that beauty is definitely more than skin deep!

True beauty radiates from within when our body and mind are properly enriched and balanced inside out. To achieve the best results, we synergistically combine clean topical skincare to pamper our external, with edible beauty skincare actives to nourish our internal.

For generations, the ancient Chinese healing principles have proven to be immensely effective by focusing on harmony and balance. At Recherché, we utilise the latest research to unlock the code.

Combine with modern scientific methodologies, we distill the purest essence of nature to create high performance topical skincare and edible beauty skincare actives.

Our goal? To achieve optimal beauty for ourselves and for you. Any time, any age.

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100% Sustainable
Plant Based Ingredients

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No silicones, parabens,
synthetic fragrance, and colors

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No animal testing

Edible Skincare

Recherché Edible Skincare

Being a forerunner in utilising only the purest and most natural ingredients in all of our skincare products, Recherché has developed special capabilities to extract and harness nature in its quintessence.

By distilling the core essence, skincare made edible can be absorbed from the inside, and provides nourishment to the skin that skincare applied on the skin alone is unable to achieve.

Recherché-LiHO Beauty Tea

Recherché is collaborating exclusively with Singapore home-grown brand LiHO Tea for the launch of Beauty Tea, the first in South-East Asia.

Powered by science and research from Recherché, the Beauty Tea series is the synergistic combination of the perfect blend of tea concoctions from LiHO Tea and Recherché Edible Skincare.
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